Update: Lazio gets the winner of the field, Torino doesnt show up in Rome

Remarkable: Lazio-Torino continues just despite the lack of the away team. Visitors from Torino are in quarantine until Tuesday evening after a corona outbreak and local authorities are not allowed to travel to Rome.

Very striking, as last Fridays competition duel against Sassuolo was won by the competition leader of the program and moved to 17 March. For the time being, the Italian competition has not yet cancelled or postponed the match Lazio-Torino, which starts Tuesday evening at 6.30 p.m., several Italian media report.
The Lega Serie A hopes that the match between Lazio and Torino will still be able to continue because the competition has a crowded schedule due to corona. However, the local authorities do not allow the selection of Torino to leave for Rome, after which the Lega Serie A has convened an emergency meeting. Home team Lazio has already announced his competition selection through the official channels.

โ€œโ€น I convocati to mister Simone Inzaghi by #LazioTorinoPowered by @OrogelGroup pic.twitter.com/x1sxydygka
โ€” S.S.Lazio (@OfficialSSLazio) March 2, 2021

Update: Lazio is the winner of the field at the Stadio Olimpico. Opponent Torino did not show up after it was not authorized by the authorities to travel to Rome. The players of Lazio simply came up to the field for the match scheduled at 6:30 p.m. After 45 minutes of waiting, the players were able to leave the field again: the victory goes to the home team.
Whether the regulatory 3-0 victory will stand for Lazio is still the question. Torino is going to fight defeat. In a similar situation, Napoli, who was not allowed to travel to Turin for the match against Juventus, was right. That competition had to be finished.