Update: RAC1 reports length injuries Pedri and Jordi Alba

Bad news for FC Barcelona trainer Ronald Koeman the day after the earwash against Bayern Munich: Pedri and Jordi Alba left injuries to that game. The twosome has been disabled indefinitely.
Thats what Barça announces Wednesday afternoon. Pedri suffered an injury to his thigh bone against Bayern. The eighteen-year-old midfielder played the game all the way out. Pedri will be rehab indefinitely. The Spanish technicians injury is a blow to the face for Koeman: Pedri is one of Barcelonas carrying forces under the Dutch practice master.
Jordi Alba is also currently in the Catalan infirmary. The experienced left-back suffered an injury to his hamstring, causing him to change against Bayern in the 74th minute. Barça also does not rule Alba on the precise recovery time.
Koeman and co. are working towards the competition game with Garanda after the painful defeat to Bayern. That game will be on the roll for 9pm on Monday.

MEDICAL ANNOUNCEMENT @JordiAlba & @Pedri ➡ https://t.co/p9hgy8JWBC pic.twitter.com/cvuD2r27m3
— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) September 15, 2021

Update: Where FC Barcelona does not make any statements about the absence of Pedri and Jordi Alba in the coming time, RAC1 does know how long the two players are out of the rotation. Ronald Koeman must miss Pedri between ten and fifteen days, but has lost Alba longer. The Spanish back is not there for at least one month.

🚑 LesionesA falta de alguna prueba más… Jordi Alba pinta 1 knife outPedri entre 10-15 días #jijantesFC pic.twitter.com/0xsJaIA0Iz
— Gerard Romero (@gerardromero) September 15, 2021