Update: Six Belenenses players remain, bizarre duel at 0-7 discontinued

Portuguese football is under the spell of a number of bizarre developments leading up to Belenenses-Benfica. The game is scheduled for 9:30pm Dutch time, but the home team must be due to a massive corona outbreak with nine players (!) begin.
Leading media Record and A Bola report that as many as seventeen employees of Belenenses โ€” thirteen players and four staff members โ€” have taken a positive test. While Benficas players were already working on a warm-up, the home team was missing every trace. However, the match will take place just, even though Belenenses doesnt even have eleven players at their disposal. โ€œWe are going to row with the belts we have and we are looking for the best possible solution,โ€ trainer Filipe Cรขndido is quoted by Record. โ€œAll the energy that it gives to represent this club must release the players.โ€
The lineup of the number sixteen of Portugal has now seeped through. Belenenses must draw up two goalkeepers in the person of Joรฃo Monteiro and รlvaro Ramalho: which of the two will be under the bar is still unclear. Furthermore, the basic team is complemented by some players from the second team. Number three Benfica does play with his elves.
Update: The unequal battle between Belenenses and Benfica has been limited to one half. The home team had seven players left after one half, after which the next player was injured. The competition was stopped regularily, at a standof 0-7.

Belenenses entered the second half with 7 players, and as soon as that half started, 1 player said he was injured and couldnt play anymore.Match ended due to insufficient number of players to continue the game.One of the most embarrassing, shameful football cases ever. https://t.co/PIPJQKSStR
โ€” MSB (@msbreviews) November 27, 2021