Upskale with 1080p at 60 FPS โ€” in DF looked at Returnal for PS5

Specialists at Digital Foundry took a look at Returnal – the first big PlayStation 5 exclusive since the launch of the console, which uses many features of the device. DF remained under great impression of working with particles – there are many of them and they are often interactive. One of the enemies, for example, after death to crumble into small pieces – they react to the movements of the heroine.

This impressed the specialists. The picture as a whole is very atmospheric and dynamic – something is constantly happening in the frame: leaves move, dust settles or something else.

This creates a live and organic image. In addition, beam tracing is used for lighting, but it seems only to speed up rendering.

The most interesting was the resolution – 1080p. Then with the help of temporary reconstruction it is brought to 1440p and use chess rendering to 4K.

Similar technology is used in Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control. The method works perfectly for static objects, but on dynamic artifacts can already be observed – in DF the resolution was determined during the movement of the heroine and vegetation.

But with performance everything is fine – the game for the vast part of the time without problems reaches a stable 60 frames per second. However, in scenes with a huge number of enemies, special effects and the like, the frequency can still drop slightly.

Even in DF, instant downloads are noted – they do not exceed seconds even when moving to new biomes or inside the location. The screen just darkens for a second and thats it.

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