Urban planning simulator Highrise City announced

Publishing house Deck13 announced an urban planning simulator with elements of resource management Highrise City. The game is claimed as the next step in the evolution of the genre and received a megagrant from Epic Games. The small German studio Fourexo Entertainment is working on it, this is her debut project.

In the cities we will build, can house up to a million people and rise more than 30 thousand houses on the square in 194 square kilometers. All elements of the city are connected by the system of economy with 50 different resources, and trade is necessary for its successful functioning.

The population of the city is divided into five classes, each with its own requirements for living and working conditions. The development of the city will require technology research and the drafting of laws.

And experienced players and beginners will be able to choose for themselves the appropriate level of complexity. Highrise City plan to release in 2022, the game will be available on Steam and GOOG.

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