Urgent advice from the Cabinet: invite a maximum of six people to their homes

Need a maximum of six people at home. That’s Prime Minister Rutte’s “very, very urgent advice”. The cabinet is concerned because the coronavirus is spreading steadily. “I’m falling in with the door: things are not going well in our country”, Rutte started the press conference.

Dissemination mainly takes place in the private sphere. “Parties, neighborhood get-togethers, in a family atmosphere. Hugging each other, that’s where it doesn’t go well.”

Children up to the age of 12 are not covered by the maximum of six. The one and a half meter remains valid. “So you have to have a big living room, but you have to”, said Rutte at the second press conference since the recess.

It’s a “very, very urgent advice”, said Rutte:

The maximum is an advice and not a ban, because you can’t enforce it in people’s homes, says Rutte. “What you don’t want is some kind of coronavirus police going behind the door to see how many people you have visiting.”

For parties or get-togethers you have to go to catering establishments, is the advice. There is more space for the one and a half meter and people have a fixed seat. Rutte emphasized that from now on, this will be better enforced.

Another adjustment is the duration of home quarantine, which is shortened from 14 days to 10. Until now, the “urgent advice” was for people who tested positive or returned from a risk area (with an orange travel advice) to stay in isolation at home for two weeks.

The Outbreak Management Team advises the Cabinet that with shorter quarantine, few infections will be ‘missed’, because the lion’s share of people will become ill within 10 days. And a shorter quarantine time is less stressful, so people will be better able to keep to it, is the idea.

Rutte also responded to the advice to work from home. “One of the most effective measures,” he said. And there’s no question of making it more flexible. “Let me be clear. The figures don’t give any reason. Work at home as much as possible, even after September 1st.”

Also the events industry does not have to count on a relaxation in two weeks’ time, said Prime Minister Rutte. “In principle, pop concerts and the like can be organized, but everyone sitting on their own chair and 1.5 meters away. That’s a tragedy, I can understand that.” He wasn’t optimistic about relaxing the rules for discotheques and nightclubs either, given the figures.

Twinters, thirty-somethings and forty-somethings

Minister De Jonge stated that there is every reason to prevent another lockdown, but the figures also worry him a lot. There are now 50,000 people infected, he said. “Anyone who gets infected can get pretty sick. And that’s not just vulnerable groups and the elderly. We also see people in their twenties, thirties and forties.”

Rutte also called for solidarity and to work together to ensure that the virus is kept under control

Two weeks ago, the two ministers also gave a press conference on corona. That was the first one in six weeks. Among other things, Rutte and De Jonge then announced that the hospitality industry should ask visitors for their names and contact details so that it would be easier to do source and contact research.

Rutte said at the press conference on August 6 that the virus is on a dangerous advance. He addressed the young people in particular.