Urineert Kanye West at his Grammy award?

Kanye West shares a bizarre video on Twitter on Wednesday evening. On the footage of the video it seems that the American rapper pees on a Grammy award. In addition, in a series of tweets he fiercely calls out to various people from the music industry on the social medium.

Kanye twitters: “Believe me. I will not stop.” According to TMZ, Kanye is trying to make a statement, because he is convinced that musicians are disadvantaged in the music industry. On Tuesday, he said he wouldnt release any new music until he had finished his contracts with Sony and Universal.

Remarkably, on Wednesday he also seems to be sharing documents on Twitter relating to royalties. He also twitters a telephone number, claiming that that is the number of the editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine.

It is not the first time that Kanye has gone loose on the social medium. Less than a month ago, his wife Kim and his in-laws had to pay for it. After this, Kim Kardashian pointed out that her husband is mentally ill and suffers from bipolar disorder. After this, the rumour machine worked overtime, because allegedly the marriage of the two was on the verge of collapse.