Urk this weekend again safety risk area

The municipality of Urk is again taking measures to prevent disturbances this weekend. The built-up area of the site is designated as a safety risk area, which allows, among other things, camera surveillance and preventive search.

There is also a ban on cooperation for groups consisting of more than four people. โ€œThat is necessary, because there are indications that we must once again take into account disruption of public order,โ€ says Mayor Van den Bos.

Fireworks, Bottles and Stones

In Urk it‘s been restless for two weekends in a row. Young people started fires in the fishing village, destroyed and bombed aid workers and cops with heavy fireworks, stones and bottles. The police stopped ten people.

They are back home now, but they are not allowed to come out on the street during the coming weekends. Their role in the riots is still being investigated, among other things by viewing camera footage. The Public Prosecutor’s Office then decides whether the young people will be prosecuted, reports Omroep Flevoland.

The mayor has finished the disturbances, he says, like many residents. โ€œPeople no longer feel safe in their own homes. Children are anxious. This isn‘t Urk anymore.โ€

Urkers need to stay inside

According to him, there is a hard core of rioters, but there are also a lot of runners. โ€œYou don’t wanna be part of that, do you? Police officers are being scolded by teenagers aged 13 and 14 for cancer homosexuals. That affects me, even as a parent. This behavior results in homework for all Urkers.โ€

The mayor calls upon residents of Urk to stay inside this weekend. โ€œIf you go look, you can get caught. Not pleasant, but own guilt.โ€