Urn of neo-Nazi put at grave Jewish scientist

A โ€œscandal and a shame.โ€ For example, the German newspaper BILD mentions the news about the funeral of the famous neo-Nazi Henry Hafenmayer in a cemetery in Berlin.

The fact that Hafenmayer gets a goodbye is not surprising in itself. Because โ€œeveryone has the right to a final resting placeโ€, the evangelical church also defends funeral on its premises.

But the urn of Hafenmayer was put to the tomb of Jewish music scientist Max Friedlaender (1852โ€”1934), write German newspapers including the Tagesspiegel and Berliner Zeitung.

A โ€œshameless provocation of the neo-Nazis,โ€ BILD qualifies the incident. During the service, a black cloth was draped over Max Friedlaenders grave. Before that was an image of Holocaust denier Hafenmayer.

There were about fifty people present, including right-wing extremists and people of the Reichsbรผrger movement.

A Flaw

A church spokesman says that the right to a final resting place is guiding . โ€œDespite this, the choice of Max Friedlaenders former grave was a mistake. Were investigating that now.โ€ It will be checked whether neo-Nazi Hafenmayer gets another resting place.