U.S. again threatens businesses with sanctions to Nord Stream 2 project

The United States has once again expressed threatening words against companies involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany. Companies that do not stop immediately risk sanctions, says in a statement by Minister Blinken of Foreign Affairs.

The US has been opposing the pipeline for a long time, because it makes Europe more dependent on Russian natural gas and has more influence on Russia. Countries such as Poland and Ukraine are also against. Germany is a great supporter of the project.

In the new statement, Blinken Nord Stream 2 mentions a bad deal for Germany and several countries in Central and Eastern Europe. He speaks of ‘a Russian geopolitical project aimed at dividing Europe and weakening European energy security’.

Insurers withdrawn

So far, the Americans have imposed sanctions on one co-building company: the Russian construction company KVT-Rus. Furthermore, some 20 insurers have recently withdrawn from the project, under pressure from previous US warnings.

Dutch companies are no longer involved in construction, partly because of American pressure. Construction of the gas pipeline is due to be completed this year.