US and China want to combat global warming together

The United States and China want to work together against climate change. The two countries today announced a joint statement at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. They say that it is necessary to do more this decade to combat climate change.

In the declaration, the countries state โ€œto recognise the seriousness and urgency of the climate crisisโ€. According to the document โ€œcountries reiterate their obligation to cooperateโ€ to stay below 1.5 degrees of warming, as agreed in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Clean Energy

China and US want to work together in setting legal standards. They also want to join each other in the transition to clean energy, reduce CO2 emissions and โ€œecological initiatives and the use of energy from renewable sourcesโ€. They also pledged to reduce methane emissions with each other. There are no concrete measures yet mentioned.

To stay under 1.5 degree warming, it is essential that the two major powers commit themselves. China and the US are the two biggest polluters in the world.

US climate envoy John Kerry says the agreement has preceded months of meetings. He calls the agreement between the countries a โ€œroadmap for our current and future cooperation in this areaโ€. The envoy says the countries should take action โ€œin this decisive decadeโ€. โ€œNot because China and the US say we should, but because science says so.โ€

Xie Zhenhua, the highest Chinese climate negotiator, says that โ€œboth countries recognize that there is a gap between current efforts and the Paris climate agreementโ€. โ€œWe will take responsibility together and work together.โ€