US and Germany agreement on controversial gas pipeline Nord Stream 2

The United States and Germany have reached an agreement on the controversial gas project Nord Stream 2, when Moscow uses the gas pipeline running from Russia to Germany to exert political pressure, the country risks sanctions.

The two countries issued a joint statement: โ€œThe United States and Germany are both determined to call Russia to account for its aggression and malicious activities by imposing sanctionsโ€. The sanctions should prevent Russia from โ€œabusingโ€ the pipeline to exert political pressure.

โ€œShould Russia try to use energy as a weapon or take further aggressive action against Ukraine, Germany will take action itself and insist on sanctions at European level,โ€ the statement states.

The US continues its construction in exchange for a German investment in climate and environmental measures in Ukraine. It is a so-called ‘green fund’ for sustainable energy transition, in which Berlin stands at 245 million dollars.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas welcomes the agreement and speaks of a โ€œconstructive solutionโ€, but Kiev is not to talk about it. According to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, the Nord Stream 2 project is a threat to the security of Ukraine. The Minister urges consultations on the matter with the European Commission and the German Government.

Hick point

Nord Stream 2, the gas pipeline running below the Baltic Sea, is a shitty point between the Americans and the Germans. US President Biden and German Chancellor Merkel recently openly disagreed on the near-completed project. Washington was fierce against the gas project and repeatedly threatened sanctions against investors and companies participating in construction. At the same time, the Biden administration wants to tighten the links with Germany, which were under pressure by the gas project.

According to the US, the pipeline makes Europe too dependent on Russian gas. This would allow Russia to exert political pressure on issues related to Ukraine and Poland, for example, through its gas supply. Germany sees Nord Stream 2 primarily as an economic project.

โ€œNormalizing transatlantic relations is a spearhead of Biden‘s foreign policy,โ€ says CCEIT correspondent Marieke de Vries. โ€œHe didn’t want to get Merkel into the hair. With this he gives her a farewell present before she gets off before the end of the year,โ€ says De Vries.

But strong criticism came directly from the Republican corner of the Senate. Texas senator Ted Cruz spoke of a โ€œfull surrenderโ€ of Biden to Putin and a โ€œgeopolitical victoryโ€ for the Russian President. He called the deal a โ€œdisasterโ€ for the US and allies.

The Russian government said last month that the gas pipeline will be ready by the end of this year.