U.S. Army recognizes: drone attack Kabul was wrong

The American drone attack on an alleged IS target that killed at least ten people in Kabul was a mistake. Army chief Frank McKenzie acknowledged that after The New York Times had already questioned the version of the events of the Department of Defense on 29 August. General McKenzie and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin have apologized.

The Pentagon had said the military destroyed a car that contained an IS bomb. McKenzie admits that most likely no Islamic State fighters have touched, but ten civilians, including seven children.

The Army chief outlined that there was credible information about a new attack not long after the attack that killed thirteen US soldiers at the airport of the Afghan capital during chaotic evacuations. The affected Toyota would have explosives, but none of that has been shown, as The New York Times wrote.

Subsequent explosions that the Pentagon claimed proved to have explosives in the vehicle were found to be coming from a gas tank. There was no threat to US military personnel afterwards, McKenzie said.

In a statement on behalf of the Department, Defense Austin offers condolences to the next of kin, in particular that of the driver of the car, Zemari Ahmadi, a former employee of a U.S. relief organization. โ€œWe now know that there was no connection between Mr Ahmadi and IS, and that his activities that day were completely innocent and had nothing to do with the threat we thought we were seeing.โ€ The minister says he wants to learn from this โ€œterrible mistake. We have to work hard to prevent recurrence.โ€