US call Moscow to release American duo

Moscow should quickly release Americans who are in a Russian cell, the US government says. Now that the two superpowers have agreed to renew a Nuclear Restriction Treaty, such a step would show Russias willingness to leave โ€œstubbornโ€ issues in the interrelation, said a White House spokesman.

In Russia, an American ex-Marine is in prison who alleged to have attacked cops after a party in Moscow.

This Trevor Reed was sentenced to nine years in prison last July. Earlier in 2020 was given another American ex-Marine, Paul Whelan. Sixteen years in prison. He was found guilty of espionage after he was caught with a USB drive with classified information.

In Russian and American media, there was speculation last year that Reed and Whelan might be material for a prisoner exchange.

Furthermore, agreement on the extension of the treaty does not mean that the new US Administration will respect the Kremlin. For example, Washington reacted very critically to the imprisonment imposed on Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalni. The US also condemned the arrest of thousands of Navalni sympathizers.