US Chief of Intelligence stops briefings in Congress on election interference

The chief of U.S. intelligence stops briefing Congress on foreign interference in the presidential election. John Ratcliffe will only share the information with the Senate and House of Representatives in writing. According to him, this will prevent the information he provides from being misunderstood or politicized.

Some members of Congress have reacted furiously to the decision, because they can no longer ask Ratcliffe questions directly. According to the independent senator Angus King, written reports are “totally inadequate” and he speaks of an insult. “In order to suppress and limit the awareness of the American people about threats to the elections, it is impossible to explain and not to allow”, he writes in a statement.

There’s also strong criticism from the Democratic Party. “This information is the property of the people, not the services. The American people have the right and the need to know that another country, Russia, is trying to help decide who their president should be”, says in a statement of, among others, chairman Nancy Pelosi of the House of Representatives.

Trump: enough of the leaking

congressmen passing on confidential information. “They leaked the information. And even worse, they leaked the wrong information,” says Trump.

Mixing Russia, China and Iran

At the beginning of this month, the NCSC intelligence service warned that Russia, China and Iran are trying to influence the presidential elections. According to NCSC director Evanina, Russia is trying to damage Joe Biden in every possible way, while China and Iran are looking for a defeat for Trump.

After the presidential elections of 2016, Russia was also accused of interference.