US experts positive about boostershot Janssen vaccine

Independent experts advising the US drug regulator FDA are unanimously positive about a booster shot with Janssen‘s corona vaccine. People over the age of 18 should be eligible for such an extra jab, at least two months after the first inoculation, US media reports.

The FDA will soon decide whether the recommendation will be adopted. If that is the case, then it will be determined which groups are eligible for such an extra jab.

Around 187 million people have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus in the US. About 15 million of them received the Janssen vaccine. People are currently receiving a single shot, while the two other US approved vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech, are given two doses for full protection.

These two vaccines provide better protection than Janssen’s, according to US research, although they all prevent hospitalizations. According to Janssen, part of the US group Johnson & Johnson, a second jab increases effectiveness considerably.

WHO Critical

In the US, booster shots of Pfizer/BioNTech are already being given to over 65s and other risk groups. The expert group had advised the FDA positively on Thursday about a Moderna vaccine booster shot for these groups. The third shot has also begun in Israel and other countries. The World Health Organization is against the booster shots because it advocates a fairer distribution of the vaccines. Third world countries are barely puncture.

In the Netherlands, the elders can get a booster shot in some time, but the Health Council has yet to advise which age groups are eligible, and whether people can also get an extra shot if they were initially vaccinated with Janssen.