US government clears migration deal Trump with Central America

President Joe Bidens government has removed an agreement with three Central American states that his predecessor Donald Trump wanted to keep illegal migrants out of the door. Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken said this weekend in a statement that the agreements concluded have been suspended with immediate effect and that work is being made to cancel them altogether.

These are agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras that would prevent illegal immigrants from applying for asylum in the US if they had not tried to do so in the region first. It was an additional obstacle for the Central Americans who often have to cross three land borders before they get to the US. The Central Americans, on the border between Mexico and the US, are by far the largest group that the country wants to enter illegally.

Blinken says that President Biden strives for cooperation and partnership with the countries in the region. It is estimated that 34 million people live in the three states, and for most there is no permanent work with reasonable income available. Crime is rampant and extremely violent. This is due, among other things, to the migration and, above all, to the justice policy of previous US governments which deported serious criminals who had parents from those countries to Central America after their imprisonment.