US Government: Houthi rebels no longer terrorist organization

The government of US President Biden no longer describes the Houthi rebels in Yemen as a terrorist organisation. In doing so, the new government is turning back one of the last decisions, not even a month ago, from the reign of former President Trump.

The Houthis have been fighting a civil war with the government in Yemen for years. That struggle has a huge impact on the population. The situation in the country is called the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. Almost 80% of the population needs help and many people, including children, are severely malnourished.

By officially stamping the Houthis terrorists, it became more difficult, according to the United Nations and aid organizations, to bring food and other resources to the besieged Yemeni people. Reversal of that decision will bring relief to millions of Yemenites in need of help, says a UN spokesman.

Fewer civilian victims

With its decision, the US Government hopes to bring the end of the crisis one step closer. However, an anonymous official to press agency AP stresses that the US does not change its position towards the Houthis, a group that has attacked civilians and kidnapped Americans.

This week, Biden announced to stop supporting the Saudi Arab offensive against the Houthis. The Obama government approved the offensive in 2015 and wanted to reduce civilian casualties. Nevertheless, many Yemenites have since been killed by American bombs, including schoolchildren on a bus and fishermen on their boats.