US gymnasts strike settlement with turnunion after abuse scandal

Several hundred American gymnasts who were victims of abuse by team doctor Larry Nassar have reached a settlement with the US Gymnastics Union and the US Olympic Committee. The size of the settlement is 380 million dollars, or 340 million euros.

The deal was announced in a Minneapolis court hearing. According to a lawyer of several victims, five years worked on the settlement.

The gymnasts include Olympic champions Simone Biles, Alexandra Raisman and McKayla Maroney. They made a statement about the sexual abuse in a Senate hearing earlier this year. The gymnasts were extremely critical of the action of the gymnastics union, which failed to protect them from Nassar. The former team doctor is serving a life sentence.

Biles then said, โ€œI‘m sitting here because I don’t want others to experience thisโ€:

The US Gymnastics Association, USA Gymnastics, filed for bankruptcy in 2018. That happened after gymnast Jamie Dantzscher first started a lawsuit against the union in connection with the abuse. The money for the settlement with the large group of gymnasts comes largely from the insurer of the turn union.

USA Gymnastics hopes to make a restart after the settlement announced today. It was agreed with the victims in the abuse scandal that they will receive a delegation on the board of the union. In the future, they can influence how the organization deals with allegations of sexual abuse.