US investigates reports of civilian casualties after drone attack Kabul

The U.S. Army investigates whether the drone attack it carried out yesterday in Kabul fell civilian casualties. CNN reports that at least nine members of one family were killed by the attack, including six children. A brother of one of the victims said that to the US news channel.

โ€œWe are aware of reports of civilian casualties following our attack on a vehicle in Kabul today,โ€ an army spokesman says against CNN. โ€œWe would be deeply saddened by every possible loss of innocent lives.โ€

Possible new attack

aim of the attack was, according to the U.S. Army, a car that was on its way to the international airport of the Afghan capital. The US thinks it included one or more IS-K fighters who wanted to commit an attack.

A US military representative told the AP news agency that the air strike led to multiple other explosions. That would indicate a large amount of explosives in the car.

Military perished

The drone attack on the car was the second US action that followed the deadly bombing on Thursday at Kabul Airport, claimed by the Afghan branch of Islamic State terrorist group (IS-K). At least 170 people were killed, including thirteen U.S. soldiers.

President Biden attended the military airport in Delaware yesterday, where the physical surpluses of the fallen soldiers arrived. He spoke to next of kin there too.