US issues first gender-neutral passport, choice expanded by X

In the United States, the first gender-neutral passport was issued to someone who does not identify as male or female. The pass contains an X instead of the F of female or the M of male. The Washington State Department expects to be able to offer this option as of early next year to Americans abroad who need proof of ID or birth certificate as of early next year.

The lhbti rights diplomatic envoy, Jessica Stern, speaks of a historical and festive event. In its view, the government aligns the mention on documents with reality, which has more sex – types of sex than the two traditional ones. โ€œIf someone gets an ID with their real identity, this person lives with greater dignity and respect,โ€ says Stern.

Change sex

Anyone who received the first gender-neutral passport has not been disclosed.

Minister Antony Blinken also made it possible for people to change their sex of their choice in their passports. Previously, a medical certificate had to be presented.

In the Netherlands, for the first time, a persons sex changed to X in the passport in 2018.