U.S. Jury investigates dead black man after police arrest

The New York District Attorney sets up a grand jury to investigate the death of Daniel Prude. The black man may have died of police brutality, footage of which surfaced this week.

The grand jury consists of citizens who must determine whether there is enough evidence to prosecute. Prosecutor Letitia James says that setting up a grand jury is part of “a thorough investigation”.

Prude died in March after an arrest in the city of Rochester, in the state of New York. He ran in a confused state and naked on the street. Officers pulled a bag over his head and held the 41-year-old man pressed to the ground for minutes.

Police. Cops didn’t do anything wrong

Footage of bodycams worn by the officers surfaced Wednesday. Since then, people have been demonstrating in Rochester for nights on end. Last night, eleven protesters were arrested.

The police management concluded in April that the officers did nothing wrong when Prude was arrested.

Governor Cuomo of New York is happy to have a grand jury. “Delayed justice is not justice and the New Yorkers deserve the truth.”