U.S. Minister lacks out to China on the eve G7

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says that China has been acting increasingly repressive in its own country in recent years and increasingly aggressive abroad. โ€œThats a fact,โ€ he said in an interview with CBS News.

As an example of aggression abroad, he cited the theft of trade secrets and intellectual property by China in the US. There are hundreds of billions of euros involved. Blinken hopes that a joint position with other countries dealing with this problem will put an end to this.

China and the US signed a trade agreement last year to put an end to their trade war. It was agreed that China would protect American intellectual property such as patents. The US said last week that China is not keeping this promise.

G7 in London

Blinken is in London for the G7, the consultation between the largest Western industrialized countries. China is one of the topics for discussion.

Blinken said that the US is not looking to contain China, but that it wants to maintain the legal order that China is putting to the test. โ€œWe resist and will defend that order.โ€

President Biden sees the competition with China as the main theme for foreign policy. In his first speech to Congress last week, he promised that the US Army would remain strong in the Western Pacific.