US moves embassy staff from Kiev to western Ukraine

The remaining US embassy personnel depart from Kiev and settle down in Lviv, in Western Ukraine, about 70 kilometers from the Polish border. The US Secretary of State Blinken announced that today. According to Blink, there is a โ€œdramatic acceleration of Russian troop buildingโ€.

Much of the US embassy staff has already left the country, only essential personnel remain in Ukraine. America seriously takes into account that Russia is invading Ukraine one of these days. According to the US, the relocation has no effect on the relationship with Ukraine.

From Lviv, the Americans will keep in touch with the Ukrainian government, says Blink in a statement: โ€œThese sensible precautions do not in any way undermine our support for Ukraine. Our commitment to Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity is infallible.โ€

Unity Day

Ukrainian President Zelensky is much less convinced of an imminent invasion of his country. In a speech, he spoke jokingly about February 16, next Wednesday, on which Russia, according to US intelligence agencies, would plan to start a ground invasion. Zelensky believes that the US is throwing oil on the fire by firmly stating that an invasion is close.

In an ironic response, he said Wednesday to declare โ€œday of unityโ€ in the country: โ€œWe hang national flags, wear blue-yellow ribbons and show the world our unity.โ€