US: No evidence that UFOs are of aliens

US intelligence agencies have found no evidence that the unidentified flying objects (UFOs) observed over the last 20 years originate from aliens. But it still cannot be ruled out, say senior officials who have already been updated about a long-awaited report on UFOs against The New York Times.

The researchers have not been able to find an explanation for the phenomena. However, it has become clear that the vast majority of over 120 observed objects are not caused by the military or by American technology. That would mean that the government would not hide secret projects from its people, as has been claimed for years by conspiracy thinkers.

However, the interference of extraterrestrials cannot be completely ruled out, because the findings are so ambiguous, the officials in the newspaper say.

Most of the observations were made by defense pilots. Jet pilot Alex Dietrich will not forget her encounter with an unknown flying object. She talks about what she saw on November 14, 2004, how much more technically advanced the object was, and why it is important to investigate it:

The report, which will be officially presented later this month, would say that many observations of UFOs are still difficult to explain. This involves, for example, the speed of the objects and the ability to change directions and go underwater. Weather balloons are envisaged, but that explanation cannot be given with every observation.

However, the US intelligence services suspect that some of the UFO observations are attributable to experimental technology of a rival power, such as Russia or China. There is a fear that these two countries are experimenting with hypersonic missiles that can reach at least five times the speed of sound.