US nuclear submarine damaged in underwater collision: more than ten injured

A US Navy nuclear submarine was damaged last Saturday in the South China Sea by a collision with an unknown object. The Navy reports in a statement that the nuclear submarine operated underwater when it collided with the object.

According to the Navy, none of the crew members aboard the 107-metre USS Connecticut are in danger of life, but more than ten people have been injured on board according to maritime news site USNI News. It‘s about โ€œmoderate to minor injuries.โ€

The Navy is investigating the damage, but reports that the submarine remains seaworthy. Nor would the nuclear drive mechanism have been damaged.

The incident comes at a time when tensions between China and the United States are rising in the Indo-Pacific region. Taiwan reported in recent days that China had violated the Asian island nation’s airspace with dozens of fighter jets and bombers. Malaysia reported earlier this week that Chinese ships had entered territorial waters.