US Post Offices still spun over on leftover letter votes

The U.S. state mail company US Postal Service (USPS) claims to have crossed through locations in about a dozen states with potentially lagging ballot notes, as a judge in Washington ordered. The notes must be brought to electoral officials.


Tuesday morning, the postal services had announced that 300,523 votes were registered throughout the country upon entry into the postal sorting centres, but then did not go through the scanners to be taken to the voting counters. The judge then ordered that these should be traced.

USPS lawyers then said that the postal companys work processes would be too disrupted if the court order were executed. But according to the company, that is now satisfied.

Civil rights organisations had gone to court for fear that hundreds of thousands of votes would be lost. These include post offices in traditional Democratic cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta. The pronunciation also applies to parts of swing states where there is not yet certain who will win, such as Pennsylvania.