US president visits emergency workers collapsed flat Miami

U.S. President Biden met emergency workers and local authorities in Florida where an apartment building collapsed last week. Later today, Joe Biden and his wife Jill also speak next of kin to the dead residents in Surfside, near Miami.

In his conversation with emergency workers, Biden recalled the car accident in 1972, killing his first wife and their 13-month-old daughter. He now compared the work of the responders to that of the firemen who were at the time of the car wreck and thanked them.

After meeting with the Governor of Florida, Biden said the federal government will pay for all state costs incurred for the rescue operation for a month. The Democratic President told Republican Governor DeSantis that it is good to see the country being cooperated by politicians from both sides. โ€œThis is about life and death,โ€ Biden said. โ€œEveryone does what needs to be done.โ€

145 residents missing

The death toll of the collapse is now 18, and rescuers still hope to get people alive from under the rubble, even though it hasn‘t happened since a few hours after the disaster last week. The operation is now temporarily silent because the debris shifts and it’s too dangerous to search further.

The cause of the collapse of the Champlain Towers South complex is not yet clear. However, three years ago, an engineer warned of serious structural damage to the twelve-story building. There are 145 more residents missing.