US President visits Ida affected area in Louisiana

US President Biden visited the area in the state of Louisiana that was badly hit by Hurricane Ida last weekend. He pledged federal aid to the state.

Biden went to laplace, a place destroyed by floods and the heavy storm. He visited a neighborhood full of uprooted trees and debris and later flew over other affected communities. He also spoke to local directors.

The president linked powerful storms like Ida to climate change. โ€œTheres going to be superstorms and theyll be devastating. This isnt about whether youre Democrat or Republican. Were Americans and were going through it together,โ€ he said during the visit.

Power Outages

Ida made landfall in Louisiana last Sunday. In addition to flooding, the hurricane also caused power outages in more than one million households and water supply failures for 600,000 people. More than 800,000 homes and businesses are still out of power.

The states largest energy company thinks it takes five more days to restore electricity everywhere. The mayor of New Orleans, latoya Cantrell, encourages evacuated residents to return home.

After Louisiana, Ida moved on and caused flooding in New York and other states on the East Coast.