US presidential election: the fight for the suburbs

For the most part, Americans vote traditionally; in the big cities it is mainly Democratic, and in rural areas it is often Republican. If there are any shifts, they occur in the prosperous suburbs of the so-called swing states, states that sometimes vote Democratic and sometimes Republican. In 2016, Trump received 5% more votes there than Hillary Clinton, mainly from female voters.

For the ladies in Blumfield Township, a posh suburb of Detroit in the swing state of Michigan, it was clear that their vote was important when President Trump tweeted the suburbian housewife. The fact that he calls us housewives says enough about the dinosaur he is. We all work, says Janettte Phillips laughing.

Some female residents of Blumfield Township do not yet know who they will vote for in November:

Janette is a Republican at heart, but Donald Trump has turned her into a Democrat: This is not the Republican Party any more, this is Trumps party. I voted for him in the primary elections, but when I looked into him, I saw that he was bad news. Look at the state of our country; the economy has been destroyed, the coronavirus is out of control and we have never been so divided. Because of him That is why this time her voice goes to Biden.

Susan Bawol should not think about that. According to her, Biden is a puppet of Obama and Hillary Clinton and she will never give her voice to that. She would have wanted to consider Kamala Harris if he had become the presidential candidate, but not Joe Biden.

Even Sue Ann Harrison is still in doubt, she has been a registered Republican since she was 18 years old. She believes that the President has done quite well. The economy was doing well and we had the lowest unemployment rates. Until the pandemic. Then it went wrong. With the corona and the riots. I no longer watch television, it depresses me so much. I dont know who Im going to vote for yet.

It is these doubting voters that Trump is trying to persuade, when he says he no longer wants to build cheap housing on low incomes in the suburbs.

For Janette, this is clearly an election stunt: Did he really think he could convince us with this? Oh, look at me. I have stopped the low-income houses. Dont you love me? Hello! We are not stupid. Thats what I mean: were not stupid people. Hes stupid.

So they dont agree on who they are going to vote for, but what they do agree on is that Trump often did not behave like a president.

Some things he does well. I hate to say it, but sometimes hes mean. The things he says and gets out of his mouth are very stupid, Susan says. For example, how Trump denigratingly called the Governor of Michigan that woman and threatened to close the money tap in the middle of a pandemic, all the ladies disapprove.

According to Janette, many women are shocked by Trumps harsh policy: At the border, he locks people in cages. That alone is completely wrong for a mother, for highly educated women

A poll this month shows that Biden is by far the most popular with women in the suburbs (64% for Biden, 31% for Trump).

However, according to the leading medium Politico, local Democratic party leaders are concerned about whether Biden can maintain that lead.

Since the Black Lives Matter riots in the big cities, President Trump has been sending out a different message than before: he is now focusing on maintaining law and order and saying that only he can secure the country and the American dream in the suburbs. The question is how big a role the riots and the issue of law enforcement will play in the considerations that the female voters in the suburbs will eventually make.

Janette Phillips: There are still many women who do not want to admit that they voted for the wrong one four years ago. They defend Trump full of fire. I hope they will change their mind when they are alone in the polling booth