US send 500 extra soldiers to Germany

The United States are sending around 500 additional soldiers to Germany to strengthen the ties between the two countries. They are permanently stationed in Germany, Defense Minister Lloyd Austin announced during a visit to Berlin. His German counterpart Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer spoke of an โ€œencouraging signal.โ€

The massive withdrawal of US troops from Germany that ex-President Donald Trump had announced is off orbit, said Austin. The US had previously refrigerated that plan to take away 12,000 soldiers to the delight of Berlin. Trump felt that Germany is spending too little money on the armed forces.

Since the Second World War, American troops have been stationed in Germany, but since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the numbers have been phased out. In 1990, it was 200,000 people, of whom there are now some 34,500 left.

Minister Austin assured that Germany will remain โ€œan important economic and security partnerโ€ of the US in the coming years. He called strengthening the relationship a โ€œtop priorityโ€ of President Joe Bidens government.

Under the Trump government, the Nord Stream gas pipeline from Russia to Germany formed a fissile agaric, with the US imposing sanctions against companies involved in construction. โ€œWe have expressed our opposition to this deal and the influence it will give Russia,โ€ says Austin. The US will not allow this conflict to damage the โ€œgreat relationshipโ€ with Berlin, he said. The Government of Biden previously indicated to maintain and continue to comply with the relevant sanction law of 2019.

NATO top man demanding withdrawal

Russia must withdraw the troops that it has sent to Ukraine and the border with the east of that neighbour. That said NATO top man Jens Stoltenberg Tuesday, prior to consultation that NATO Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs hold Wednesday.

The Secretary-General demands that Moscow stop its โ€œprovocationsโ€ and act immediately de-escalating. The G7 countries had already made a similar call on Monday.

The NATO boss made his statements at a press conference at headquarters in Brussels with Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba. He said his country is looking for a diplomatic solution. He also called for more sanctions against Russia and asked for military assistance to curb Russian โ€œaggressionโ€.

Stoltenberg spoke of the largest military construction since Russia annealed the Ukrainian Peninsula Crimea in 2014. According to Ukraine, 80,000 soldiers have gathered in Crimea and near the border with eastern Ukraine where pro-Russian separatists have proclaimed their own republics.

Ukraine wants to join the Western military alliance. It is NATO that decides, said Stoltenberg. He noted that Russia is again trying to create a sphere of influence in order to determine what its neighbors are doing.

Meanwhile, two US naval ships are on their way to the Black Sea, which Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov described as provocation. According to him, the risk of incidents is high. The reigning man also denounted US arms supplies to Kiev. Ryabkov said that Moscow continues to do everything to protect residents of the Donbas region in Eastern Ukraine.