US started evacuating embassy staff Kabul, Taliban advancing further

The United States started the evacuation of embassy personnel from Kabul last night. President Biden has now sent 5,000 soldiers to Afghanistan to make this process orderly and safe.

According to an embassy employee, only a small group left and the embassy continues to function normally.

The Taliban took over the city of Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan last night. This allows the Taliban to hold the largest cities, except for the capital Kabul, and the capital is also isolated from the east. The fall of Kabul seems to be a matter of days.

That‘s why the Americans are in a hurry with the evacuation from the Afghan capital. Biden has informed the Taliban a quick and powerful military response when they put US personnel in Kabul at risk. The message has been sent to representatives of the Taliban in Qatar.


Jalalabad is strategically located on an important road used to transport goods to and from Pakistan. The Taliban now also owns all Afghanistan’s border crossings, reports Pakistani Interior Minister. As a result, flying is the only way to leave the country for people who want to escape the Taliban.

According to the latest reports, the Taliban has approached the capital city within a few tens of kilometres. According to a news agency AP source, the Taliban is even 11 kilometres from Kabul.

Destroy documents

AP news agency reports that U.S. Embassy staff is destroying sensitive documents to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Taliban.

Government forces have been trained for years by Western countries, including the Netherlands, but now in many cases refuse to fight. Weapons are left behind in several places and the army flees.

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