U.S. states badly hit by tornadoes, at least seventy deaths in Kentucky

The tornadoes and extreme severe weather have cost dozens of people the lives of dozens of people in the U.S. state of Kentucky. State Gov. Beshear says the death toll is above seventy and is expected to rise to more than a hundred.

Speaking of the most devastating tornado in Kentucky history, he has declared a state of emergency, freeing up extra money for emergency aid. The tornado was active in an area of over 350 kilometers long, almost 57,000 people are without power.

President Biden has pledged the affected states, six in total, support from the federal government.

A reporter from local news channel WDBR News reports on Twitter that Kentuckys city of Mayfield is pretty much wiped out. โ€œJust about every building has been destroyed.โ€ Almost 10,000 people live in the city.

These are drone images from Mayfield:

Previously, it was clear that the roof of a candle factory in Mayfield had collapsed, where 110 people were present at that time. That ended up on employees, it is feared that dozens of them have not survived. So far, the police have taken forty people out of the debris alive.

Reporters and on-the-spot journalists tweet footage from the Mayfield havoc:

The national weather service says 36 tornadoes have been reported that have plagued the states of Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas and Mississippi.

At a warehouse of Amazon online store in Edwardsville, Illinois, at least two people were killed after the roof collapsed. It is still unclear whether that was due to a tornado or other severe weather.

Several people are still stuck in that warehouse. Dozens of fatalities are feared.