US to close new security pact with Australia and UK

The United States is closing a new security pact with Australia and the United Kingdom. This will be called AUKUS and is intended to ensure security and stability in the Asia-Pacific continent, the leaders of the three allies announced during a joint press conference.

Australias Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke of an โ€œimprovedโ€ partnership. โ€œA partnership where our technology, scientists, companies and armed forces all work together to create a safer region. Everyone benefits from that.โ€

Australia needs to take advantage of that closer cooperation immediately. โ€œThe first task of this partnership is to help Australia acquire a nuclear powered submarine fleet,โ€ British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said. It talked about a โ€œnew chapterโ€ in the friendly relationship between the countries.

The French Naval Group calls it a โ€œgreat disappointmentโ€ that Australians choose to join the Americans and British. The French company had hoped to deliver diesel and electricity powered submarines worth more than โ‚ฌ31 billion to Australia. This will not happen due to the new AUKUS partnership, Naval Group reports on Thursday.

Media in Australia and the United States had already published on the new partnership. Insiders told news site Politico that the initiative is seen as a way to form a joint front against China, although that country would not be explicitly mentioned in the agreements.

US President Joe Biden said cooperation with the British and Australians should make it possible to tackle โ€œchallenges of the 21st centuryโ€ jointly. He called the creation of AUKUS a โ€œhistoric stepโ€ and pointed out that armies from the countries fought side-by-side during two world wars.

Sources had told Politico that the partnership will provide for the exchange of advanced technologies. Biden confirmed during his speech that AUKUS is also intended to ensure that the countries maintain their lead in the military field and in the development of โ€œcrucialโ€ technologies, for example in the field of artificial intelligence.