US to settle more than 100 million dollars with relatives Parkland attack

Relatives of the victims of the 2018 Parkland attack receive more than 100 million dollars from the US state. The mega settlement ends all legal cases against the government due to negligence by the FBI.

In the attack at a Florida school, seventeen people were shot dead by a former student. Five weeks before the shooting, the FBI got a tip that the perpetrator had bought firearms and planned to commit an attack at a school. But that information was not shared with the local authorities.

No plea

A total of forty proceedings were filed against the government by relatives of the victims. A settlement agreement has now been concluded with these parties for 127.5 million dollars, reports the Ministry of Justice. The statement states that the settlement is not an admission of guilt from the state.


the time, the massacre led to major political fuss and national demonstrations. The police chief of the town of Parkland was fired after the school shooting.


Then President Donald Trump called an agent who was waiting outside the school building a coward. Surveillance footage showed that the agent, effectively the schools sole armed security guard, remained outside the premises when the shooting was still in full swing.

Shooter Nikolas Cruz confessed in October last year that he had shot the seventeen victims. At the time, he was 19 years old and dropped out of school for threats and harassment.