US warns Russia of “consequences” when Navalny dies

If Kremlincriticus Aleksey Navalny is killed, it will have consequences for relations with Russia. The American national security advisor Jake Sullivan warned about this on CNN news channel.

We have told the Russians that what happens to Navalny in their custody is their responsibility. The international community will hold them accountable. Sullivan wouldnt say what measures the United States will take if Navalny dies.

Navalny (44) started a hunger strike more than two weeks ago and his health would deteriorate sharply. His kidneys can fall out, hes at risk of myocardial infarction, and his vision is getting worse. With his refusal to eat, Navalny protests against the lack of medical care for his back pain and numbness in his legs and hands.

Medical assistance

International is of great concern to the treatment of the critical opposition leader in the penal camp. On Monday, the Foreign Ministers of the European Union will talk about his situation. The EU has already prepared a statement on Sunday. In it, the Member States call on Moscow to provide Navalny immediate medical assistance from doctors whom he trusts.

The EU also says that it will hold the Russian Government responsible if anything happens to Navalny. The Union believes that the opposition leader should be released immediately because there is no ground for his detention, which, according to the statement, is politically motivated. The Navalny case is not an isolated incident but confirms a negative pattern of ever less room for the opposition, civil society and independent votes in the Russian Federation, said the EU statement.


The Russian Ambassador to London, Andrei Kelin, contradicts Russias willingness to let Navalny die in prison. To BBC interviewer Andrew Marr, he said, No, of course we wont let him die. But he does act like a hooligan by breaking all the rules that have been agreed. He does that to attract attention. If he behaves normally, he has a chance to be released early. Kelin didnt want to explain what he meant by normal behavior, he said he left that to the Russian legal system.