US will be reallowing EU vaccinated travellers from November

EU vaccinated travellers will be able to travel back to the United States from November. The White House corona coordinator announced this afternoon. Travellers must be able to demonstrate that they are fully vaccinated and have a negative test result of up to 72 hours prior to departure.

The new policy marks the end of a US-EU travel ban that former President Trump instigated last year at the start of the corona crisis. President Biden puts a point behind that policy after eighteen months. Travellers from the United Kingdom, China and Brazil, among others, will be allowed to travel back to the US from November on the same terms and conditions.

Currently, only US citizens, their families and people with residence permits can travel to the US from the European Union. The US government is working on clearer guidelines to put an end to all different travel bans, reports the Financial Times.

Three weeks ago, the EU took the US off the list of safe countries due to the increasing number of corona cases.