USA are going to allow many more refugees

The United States is going to allow many more recognized refugees. President Joe Biden announced to raise the ceiling from October to 125,000 per year. Under his predecessor Trump, the maximum was reduced to 15,000 annually. According to the UN refugee organisation UNHCR, only 6740 refugees found a new home in the US last year.

In his election campaign, Biden had already promised to take in more refugees. He said that the programme in this area has been severely damaged in recent years, but he indicated that the change of course will take time.

UNHCR top man Filippo Grandi said in a response that the step will save lives and expressed the hope that other countries will follow. According to the UN, almost 26 million refugees worldwide have been received, for the most part, in developing countries.

Reversal policy

The new president already signed decrees earlier this week to reverse part of Trumps strict immigration policy. For example, the asylum procedure for people crossing the border from Mexico is being reviewed.

Furthermore, a task force will work on the reunification of hundreds of migrant children with their parents. In addition, some illegal migrants in the US are given the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit or even American citizenship.

Parliament has yet to consider the plans.