USA recycled medical gloves with holes and blood traces

Large-scale medical gloves fraud has been exposed in the United States. Months of research by CNN shows that tens of millions of gloves have been recycled in Thailand and exported to America.

Hygiene was not respected when recycling: CNN shows photos of gloves with holes, traces of blood and other dirt that were washed and coloured with blue dye. Gloves were also offered that were of poor quality, made of the wrong material, or were not suitable for medical use.

This is an excerpt from CNN‘s report. With an expert, they looked at the quality of the gloves:

The corona pandemic meant that the demand for medical gloves was so high that producers couldn’t keep up with it. The products are produced by specialist companies from scarce raw materials. Fraudsters jumped into that hole.

Trading continued months after warnings

The Thai police have already made some raids in pilots, but according to CNN, the US authorities were more awaited. An importer already reported malconditions in February and March of this year, but the Thai company was able to continue to deliver until July. It is difficult for Americans to get a grip on the illicit trade, as the strict import rules for medical protective equipment have been suspended since the beginning of the corona pandemic.

According to CNN, the results of their own ten-month study are โ€œjust the tip of the icebergโ€. The authorities in the US and Thailand have launched criminal investigations.