User on behalf of Ubisoft threatened to ban Splinter Cell: Blacklist players

An unknown network user introduced himself as an employee of Ubisoft, threatening to ban Splinter Cell: Blacklist players. The project, which could be held in a co-op, has been experiencing problems with multiplayer servers for a long time. Despite the fact that Blacklist was released 8 years ago, some are still trying to reach Ubisoft, leaving complaints about these shortcomings.

As a result, a sticky post appeared on the thematic gaming forum, which was allegedly left by a representative of the Ubisoft customer service center. It was reported that due to the games statute of limitations, developers do not plan to spend resources on its support.

Further, the author noted that all players who report complaints about lack of support may face a ban for a week in the future. During this period, you will not be able to make purchases through the Ubisoft Store, access the Ubisoft website or your account, or access the Ubisoft Connect client.

But it will be possible to play offline. Customer service will not be able to remove this ban.

From the text of the message, and if the players did not stop complaining about the problem, they were threatened with a permanent ban. Many users, of course, have met this treatment negatively.

The post lasted 24 hours on the forum, after which Ubisoft removed it and reported that it was written on behalf of an attacker who did not belong to the firm. At the same time, the players responsible for the comments were banned.

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