Utrecht loses interim proceedings against KNVB: final ‘just’ on Sunday in De Kuip

FC Utrecht has lost the interim proceedings against the KNVB. The Domtownsfolk did not comply with the decision of the League to move the final of the playoffs from Saturday to Sunday.
The judge found that the KNVB was right in its reasoning: the sporting interest here outweighs the regulations. The final between Feyenoord and FC Utrecht would actually be played on Saturday at 20.00 hrs in De Kuip. However, the municipality of Rotterdam forbids that the duel will be finished on that evening, because the final of the Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled in Ahoy and is publicly welcome at both events.
The KNVB decided to move the race for one day, until 12.15 p.m. Sunday. The board paid football believes that the drastic and adverse consequences for Feyenoord in the failure to comply with the request to oppose the play-off finals are greater than the consequences for FC Utrecht if the request to oppose the play-off finals is accepted. wrote the union in a statement.
FC Utrecht disagreed with this and pointed out the rules: If it is not possible to have the race in question played on neutral ground in accordance with the provisions of this article, then the relevant home player will be deemed to be have lost.โ€ That would mean a regulatory defeat for Feyenoord in this case.
Among other things, it bothers the Dumtownsfolk that last year, after the dismantling of the competitions because of corona, the regulations were not abandoned. Utrecht grabbed as number six of the Eredivisie โ€” with a less duel played โ€” and cup finalist everywhere. Feyenoord received the Europa League ticket.