Utrecht waves Frenchman out: ‘Wants to be with family due to private circumstances’

FC Utrecht terminated Zineddine Bourebabas contract immediately. The French midfielder wants to be with his family in France because of private circumstances.

Utrecht tells us that on the club website. Bourebaba came to the Dome Town in 2019. He went through the youth training of the French AS Monaco, but it did not come to a breakthrough. The eighteen-year-old midfielder returns to his native land.
Zineddine has indicated to us that, due to private circumstances, he would rather be with his family in France at the moment rather than continue his football career in the Netherlands, explains Technical Director Jordy Zuidam. Although we think he is a talented footballer, we respect his wish and have terminated his agreement in good consultation. This gives Zineddine the space to return to his family. We thank him for his commitment to FC Utrecht.

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— FC Utrecht (@fcutrecht) February 1, 2021