Utrecht wins narrowly in Sitpard

FC Utrecht booked the first victory of the season in a goal-rich game on Friday night, visiting Fortuna Sitvard. Some of the supporters of both clubs misbehaved in such a way that referee Allard Lindhout, who also did not show his best match, had to stop the game twice. In the end, the visitors won 3-4 and Fortuna remains scoreless.
Both Fortuna and Utrecht have started the new season badly. In the run-up to the game, the Dom townspeople were found in fifteenth place and Fortuna was stiff at the bottom with zero points. In the opening phase, it was noticeable that both teams were mainly a lot to lose and the pace was calm. After half an hour, Bas Dost was detained, but Lindhoudt decided not to whistle. Both teams had a hard time reaching Dost and Burak Yilmaz and the teams went to tea with a 0-0 rest position.
Less than ten minutes after the break, part of the Utrecht audience misbehaved and fireworks were thrown on the field. The warm-running Anastasios Douvikas was shocked, but remained unharmed. Lindhout temporarily stopped the game and warned that the game would be stopped in the event of a second misconduct of that caliber. After more than an hour of player, Dost made his fourth hit after a good cross by Jens Toornstra.
Utrecht was the better team, but Fortuna came alongside almost immediately. Rodrigo Guth headlined a hard hit from a cross by Mats Seuntjens. Lindhout then decided to give a dubious penalty to Utrecht, who managed to hit the now invaded Douvikas: 1-2 minutes before the end, this time it was the Fortuna supporters who decided to throw beer cups on the field, causing Lindhout to temporarily enter the teams inside led.
Eventually, the game resumed and Utrecht got a bigger lead. The returned Sean Klaiber gave ahead of Douvikas, who made his second hit. Lindhout also decided a little later to award a penalty to Fortuna, who managed to use Yilmaz and thus signed for his fourth hit of the season. Douvikas finally gave the death blow to Fortuna by shooting acrobatic hits and completing his hat-trick, setting the score at 2-4. The Greek also seemed to take care of the 2-5, but Dost was sidelined during the attack, rejecting the goal.
Tijjani Noslin gave back to the home team in the final phase, but Fortuna did not get further than 3-4. Utrecht climbs to tenth place due to the victory and has now collected five points after five duels. Fortuna has not taken a single point after five games and is last in the Premier League.