Vacancies filled: Camp and Knapen new ministers in demissionary cabinet

VVD coryfee Henk Kamp becomes demissionary Minister of Defense, CDA Ben Knapen goes to Foreign Affairs. Insiders report that. There was a vacancy on both ministries.

Last Thursday, D66 Minister Kaag resigned from Foreign Affairs and a day later her CDA colleague Bijleveld van Defence. They did so in the wake of the chaotic evacuations from Afghanistan. The House of Representatives took a motion of censure against both.

As a temporary successor to CDA‘er Bijleveld, her party mate Grapperhaus (already Minister of Justice) was appointed last week and D66′er Kaag was replaced by De Bruijn (also D66, Minister for Foreign Trade).

It was already announced that new people would be appointed. Initially, the intention was that a CDA member would remain on Defence and that a VVD would go to Foreign Affairs, but that has been reversed.


Hague sources now mention the names of Kamp and Knapen. Kamp (69) was also Minister of Defence from 2002 to 2007 and he was also Minister for Housing, Social Affairs and Economic Affairs. The VVD was also a long time member of the House of Representatives; in 2012 he contributed as an informer to the formation of the second Rutte Cabinet. He is currently chairman of ActiZ, the industry association of healthcare organizations.

Knapen (70) is group chairman of the CDA in the Senate. He previously served as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and even more editor-in-chief of NRC Handelsblad.