Vaccination campaign in badly affected India is difficult to get started

The number of infections continues to rise rapidly in India. The virus now also affects much more twenty-somethings and thirties than before, and even children and babies. The government hopes to turn the tide with a faster vaccination campaign. But thats where it goes wrong.

India broke a sad record yesterday: as many as 400,000 infections in one day, and in the same 24 hours a further 3500 people died from the effects of covid. โ€œThe situation in India is disastrous,โ€ says a doctor to Nieuwsuur. โ€œWe cant do everything we need. It is due to political leaders, but also to the people, that things are getting worse here.โ€

The Indian Government hopes that a massive vaccination campaign will cope with the wave. Only that doesnt work well:

At the moment, only 11% of the 1.3 billion Indians have been vaccinated. Until now, only elderly people have been vaccinated, but as of today, all people over eighteen are allowed to visit.

Ironically, India is one of the largest vaccine factories in the world. But the vaccines developed there are to a large extent disappearing to other countries, such as Western Europe. India therefore receives aid from countries such as Russia, France and Thailand. But the problems are so great that the help is a drop on a glowing plate.

Newsur-correspondent Aletta Andrรฉ sees up close how difficult the campaign is. โ€œAt the beginning of the year many vaccines were exported. India also gave away vaccines to poorer countries. But that was at the expense of ordering vaccines for India itself.โ€

The GOI called on people not to simply report to vaccination points but to register online first. And the very last one went wrong. โ€œPeople didnt get their text code, and once registered it turned out that you couldnt make an appointment at all.โ€

Moreover, according to Andrรฉ, it is not yet finished: the wave will continue for a while. โ€œThe peak may not be expected until the end of May.โ€