Vaccination strategy changed: million pricks from GP to GGGD

Approximately one million people aged between 18 and 60 with a medical risk will soon be vaccinated at the GGP, rather than at the GP as planned. The invitations to these people who fall into the so-called flu picking group are sent in early May, the pricking starts in mid-May, sources report to DeccEit.

These are people who are more at risk of complications in coronavirus infection, such as people with lung diseases. They are already receiving a flu vaccination every year. The cabinet is about to announce the change in the vaccination strategy at the coronapers conference.

The adaptation does not mean that the group is protected faster. It is still expected that the whole group will receive the first prick by mid-June. Thats going to happen with a vaccine from Pfizer-Biontech or Moderna.

To the rear

Last week, it was found that the group of one million vulnerable people was shifted back for three weeks in the vaccination campaign. First the whole group would have received the first shot at the end of May, but that was in mid-June. This was a result of the decision not to give the Astrazeneca vaccine to people under 60 years of age.

Patient associations and the House of Representatives want this adjustment to be reversed, but that is not happening at the moment. However, it is planned that the group of vulnerable people will be pricked earlier than the people aged 50-59 without medical risk.

The invitation to the vaccination is still received by the GP to the million vulnerable people. With that letter, they can schedule an appointment with the GGD. At the GGD locations, general practitioners will then help with the medical supervision of the group.

Minister De Jonge van Healthcare spoke to people earlier today:

With the decision to send a large group of vulnerable people to the GGD, the role played by general practitioners in the vaccination campaign is reduced. Last month it turned out that vaccination for many general practitioners is much more work than expected.

The RIVM has now decided to repackage AstraZeneca vaccines that are now being supplied to smaller quantities. Where a general practitioner previously received a box of 110 pieces, these will be boxes with 11 pieces.