Vaessen (RKC) was in hospital for five days after stabbing: ‘In Detectionrequest’

Before Etienne Vaessen became a goalkeeper of RKC Waalwijk, he was a security guard in the Media Market in Breda. He is reminded of that daily: Vaessen was once stabbed with a knife by a thief and left a scar.
26-year-old Bredanaar was working on March 22, 2014 (โ€œA date I would like to have a tattoo later onโ€), when he saw a man running past with a stolen iPad. โ€œI wanted to prove myself. This was the first time I had to arrest. I went after that boy,โ€ Vaessen tells ELF Football. โ€œAfter a hundred meters, I got a hold of him, after which a struggle arose. Suddenly I saw a huge knife.โ€
Vaessen was stabbed and was under the blood. โ€œMy colleague at the door had run after me and leaned over me. It‘s not easy, he replied to my question if I was bleeding a lot. In retrospect, he admitted that he only said that to reassure me.โ€ The later pro goalkeeper was in hospital for five days, but it took him much longer mentally to process the incident. โ€œThen I dreamed of a knife again. A month and a half after the stabbing, the perpetrator has only been arrested. The case occurred in Search Requested. That’s where I had to do my story again. Fortunately unrecognizable.โ€
So now Vaessen is scar. โ€œNew players often ask what happened when I take my shirt off,โ€ he concludes.