“Vaginators Gwyneth Paltrow explodes in living room”

Gwyneth Paltrows vaginackers have caused a fire in a living room in London, reports The Sun. The candle, which would smell like the sensitive zone of the actress, ignited quite according to the owner.

Jody Thompson had won the candle at an online quiz and told the British tabloid that suddenly a 50-centimeter blowtorch came out of the glass jar. The candle exploded and big flames and all small particles came out, she says. Ive never seen anything like it. The whole thing was on fire and it was too hot to touch.

Fortunately, the house of 50-year-old Thompson and her partner David Snow didnt burn down. In the end, we got control of the fire and threw the candle out the door. The whole house could have burned down. At that time, it was pretty scary, but in retrospect, its pretty funny that Gwyneths vaginackers exploded in my living room.