Valckx brings ‘intended Frenkie-successor’ to VVV: ‘Still seen live at Bayern’

Meritan Shabani was once linked to Ajax in his Bayern Munich era and even considered ‘the new Frenkie de Jong’. Anno 2021, the 21-year-old German with Kosovar roots plays at VVV-Venlo, after thorough scouting work by director Stan Valckx.

Shabani was sold by Bayern to Wolverhampton Wanderers in 2019: it remained there for a fifteen minute attack in the League Cup, after which he landed on a rental basis at VVV on 1 February this year. โ€œWe‘ve actually known him for a few years and we’ve had him on the radar for a few years,โ€ says Valckx to ESPN.
When Shabani was associated with Ajax in the rumour circuit, his name had already fallen into De Koel. โ€œWe always thought it was just not enough for the Eredivisie,โ€ says Valckx, who struck just before the deadline of the winter transfer period. โ€œI saw him live at Bayern Munich. And then he was a little dead end at Wolverhampton and he really wanted to come to the Eredivisie. In the end, it actually went very fast.โ€
Midweeks the German youth international debuted for VVV and immediately made the winning goal in the cup duel with NEC. โ€œHe is a highly skilled, light-footed player who can get out of his feet in different positions. And who played mainly with attacking teams,โ€ says Valckx. โ€œMostly on ten? Yeah, but also on the sides. He can be at three, four positions from the feet.โ€