Valheim has already bought 2m people, although the sudden hit came out only two weeks ago

Survival simulator in the Viking Age Valheim for the second week continues to show some incredible sales and huge audience interest. In 13 days, Steam users bought up 2 million copies (!) games during the early access period. In comparison, Control from Remedy took 16 months (!) to achieve a similar result.

It is not necessary to talk about the record online – at night the peak exceeded 367 thousand people, which already makes the game one of the most successful on the platform. Is it worth mentioning that she leads the fresh Steam sales charts.

In general, Embracer Group should be congratulated on another success. The publisher of the project, if you did not know, is Coffee Stain – it is the creators of Goat Simulator and Satisfactory.

She also publishes cooperative shooter Deep Rock Galactic. She is one of the subdivisions of the conglomerate.

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